Perfect For your Furry Freinds

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Proprietary Flow-Through Backing™

Our K9 Grass features a proprietary knitted Flow-Through Backing™, which allows for superior drainage. Say goodbye to muddy paws and puddles! K9 Grass ensures that rainwater and pet urine flow through, keeping your lawn clean and odor-free.

Antimicrobial Protection

We’ve incorporated antimicrobial agents directly into the grass blades. This innovative technology helps prevent the growth of bacteria and odors, ensuring a hygienic environment for your pets.

No-Infill Design

K9 Grass is designed to be infill-free. This means no messy rubber pellets or sand getting stuck in your dog’s paws. It’s comfortable and safe for your pets to play on, reducing the risk of injury.

Environmentally Friendly

Save water, reduce emissions from lawn equipment, and enjoy a green, sustainable solution for your landscape.

Our TYpes of K9Grass

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Cut: Fresh Cut
Color: Summer Green

K9Grass Elite Spec Sheet img2


Cut: Fresh Cut
Color: Verde, Lime, Tan

K9Grass Sport Spec Sheet img2


Cut: Lush
Color: Olive Green

Versatile Applications

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k9 grass outdoor seating area turf

Residential Pet Areas

Create a safe and clean space for your dogs to run and play in your backyard.

Dog Parks

Design dog-friendly spaces that are low-maintenance and welcoming for both dogs and their owners.

Veterinary Facilities

Ensure a clean and comfortable environment for your furry patients.

A Cleaner, Happier Home

With K9 Grass, you can enjoy a cleaner and happier home. No more muddy paw prints on your floors, and no more worries about your dogs digging up the lawn.