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Reduced Infill

Our Sportsgrass boasts reduced infill compared to its predecessors, meaning fewer particles in the air during play. Say goodbye to worries about particles flying into players’ eyes, ensuring a safer and more comfortable experience.

Exceptional Durability

With advanced materials and construction, Sportsgrass is built to withstand the rigors of sports and high-impact activities. It’s designed to last, season after season, providing you with a reliable playing surface.

Consistent Play

Sportsgrass offers a consistent playing surface, minimizing unevenness and eliminating surprises. You can trust that your field will deliver the same performance every time you step onto it.

The Lineup

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Edge XP

Cut: 1-3/4″ pile height
Sport: Lacrosse, Football, Soccer, Baseball

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Edge XPS

Cut: 1-1/2″ pile height
Sport: Lacrosse, Baseball, Soccer

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Edge XPL

Cut: 2″ pile height
Sport: Football, Lacrosse, Soccer

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Cut: 1-7/8″ pile height
Color: Lacrosse, Football, Soccer, Baseball

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Cut: 2″ pile height
Sport: Football, Soccer, Baseball

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Rush XP

Cut: 2″ pile height
Sport: Football, Lacrosse, Soccer

select XL sample

Rush Pro

Cut: 1-7/8″ pile height
Sport: Football, Baseball, Soccer

select VR sample


Cut: 1″ pile height
Color: Running, Weight Training, Baseball, Soccer

select EL sample2


Cut: 7/8″ pile height
Sport: Running, Weight Training

select HD sample


Cut: 3/8″ pile height
Sport: Running, Weight Training, Baseball

select XL sample


Cut: 1-3/8″ pile height
Sport: Baseball, Weight Training

select VR sample


Cut: 3/4″ pile height
Color: Running, Weight Training

a wide range of applications

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Sports Fields

From soccer to lacrosse, baseball to football, Sportsgrass is the choice for professional-level sports fields.

Training Facilities

Elevate your training regimen with a surface that replicates the feel of top-tier sports fields.

Community Recreation

Create inviting and safe spaces for community sports and activities.

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With Sportsgrass, you’re not just playing; you’re setting the stage for victory. Elevate your athletic performance and achieve your goals on a surface designed for excellence.