Playground Grass

Where Safety Meets Fun

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close up of playground turf and playset

Soft and Padded Surface

Say goodbye to scraped knees and bruises! Playground Grass provides a soft and padded surface that minimizes the impact of falls, making it safer for kids during play.

No Allergens or Irritants

Our artificial grass is free from allergens and irritants, ensuring that children with sensitivities can play comfortably without worry.

Easy Maintenance

Playground Grass requires minimal maintenance, allowing kids to focus on play, and parents to enjoy peace of mind. No mowing, watering, or fertilizing is needed.

Kids Can be Kids

academy turf swatch


Cut: 3/4″
Color: Meadow Green, Florida Blue, White, Gray, Black, Red, Red Clay

discovery turf


Cut: 1″
Color: Field Green

discovery turf


Cut: 1-3/4″
Color: Field Green

ultra turf


Cut: 1-1/2″
Color: Olive Green

a wide range of applications

playground grass with purple playset
playset with round sidewalk

School Playgrounds

 Create a safe and inviting environment for students to explore, learn, and have fun.

Daycare Playgrounds

Give young children a secure space to play and develop essential skills.

Community Parks

Enhance community parks with a soft, inviting surface that encourages active play.

Get Started Today!

With Playground Grass, you can let your children play with confidence, knowing that their safety is a top priority. Our artificial turf provides a clean and secure play area, allowing kids to be kids and parents to enjoy peace of mind.